Sail the surface of the Clear Web…

Nowadays, there are dozens of social platforms, hundreds of millions of public sites, forums, blogs, for a total amount of millions of billions of navigable web pages. A unique opportunity for the cyber criminals, who can act almost undisturbed to perform any type of cybercrime, in the light of the sun, in the midst of so much confusion.

Thanks to our technology we monitor the principals POI of the clear web, and notify you if someone is impersonating your brand,  or a suspicious account of your CEO pops out of nowhere on linkedin. And It is now known that all this is only the tip of the iceberg …

...dive deeper into the Dark Web

The dark web is a mysterious unknown for many organizations, but a well known place for hackers and cyber criminals. The anonymity offered by the dark web makes it the ideal place to conduct illicit business

Business that includes trading of information, marked documents, employee credentials and more.

To provide a comprehensive view of these locations, we continually monitor dark web sources in search of leaked credentials and sensitive data of your company.


Data & Documents

Whadar constantly monitors a wide variety of sources and services, public and private, constantly looking for sensitive documents and new data leaks. These searches include PDFs, documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Whenever a document relating to the company is recognized by the system, our complex algorithms decide the severity of the impact on the security of the company and immediately notify the user.

V.I.P. Protection

Continuous monitoring of open buckets, paste sites and a large database of leaked credentials allows us to identify in real time the compromise of accounts or services related to the company.

This allows you to take immediate countermeasures, change passwords or block access to the service, to avoid further system compromises and damage to society.



Another crucial aspect of security is how your company appears on the web.
Cybercriminals often want to break down your reputation on the web, and destroy your credibility on the web, which can cause incalculable damage in the short and medium term.

But you don’t know alone.

To defend yourself from these risks, WHADAR deeply monitors social networks  to identify threats to your brand reputation, including slander campaigns, spread of fake news , and impersonation attempts.

Phishing Protection

But more important than your brand are your customers.
Criminals impersonate your brand to interact with them, steal their data and destroy their trust and loyalty in you. 

We search for common patterns of phishing attacks, like look-alike domains, typosquatting and  all the techniques used to impersonate your brand to prevent the can lead your image and fraud your customers .
Monitoring changes to domain attributes, give you all the information you need to request the takedown of these suspicious domains.

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